Get Your Car Ready For Winter

The colder months are round the corner and as your home heating systems groan into action and the thick winter coats are dusted off make sure you spare a little thought and time to get your car ready for winter.

Check your tyres

This is one of the most important things you can do to get your car ready for winter. Check the treads on your tyres and make sure they are no less than 1.6mm, this is the legal requirement for tyre treads. It is recommended you change them as soon as they go below 3mm. When it’s wet and icy you car will take a longer distance to come to a stop and worn treads will increase that distance even further.

Winter tyres

As well as checking your current tyres you may also want to think about investing in some winter specific tyres. This isn’t a necessity but could be useful if the winter is particularly wet or icier than usual.

Invest in some winter screenwash

Get yourself some windscreen wash specifically for winter. It will help clear your windscreen on those frosty mornings and won’t freeze in the system either! Whilst you’re topping up the windscreen wash it would be a good idea to check your oil and coolant levels as well, these are both important for making your car run as smoothly as possible.

Keep your car clean

The road gritters can be a welcome sight in order to keep the roads safe and free from ice but they can cause havoc with your paintwork. Try and clean your car regularly to stop any damage being done by the salt.

What to keep in your car in winter

In the event of a breakdown it is important to keep some extra items handy for the winter months. A warm jacket, torch, boots and even a packet of biscuits could all come in handy if you have to wait for a recovery vehicle to come and rescue you!

Added: 29 September 2016